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Privacy Policy

Surgical Procedures

Requiring an operation to improve your health can be a scary experience, but to consider cosmetic surgery is a massive decision and not without risk.

The majority of procedures will require a general anaesthetic. For some helpful information with regards to general anaesthesia, download your information sheet here.

Stuart will be able to advise you about the most appropriate procedure – if any, during consultation. He will also be able to inform you if your surgery could be performed as an NHS patient.

The surgical procedures described within this website are intended for information only, but do not replace the need for a personal consultation with Stuart prior to any decisions being made.

Stuart is more than happy to advise patients regarding any treatments but also to refer onto colleagues within particular areas of expertise where appropriate.

Non-Surgical Procedures

There has been a massive increase in the use and availability of non-surgical treatments in recent years. The market is flooded with dermal fillers, botulinum toxins and chemical peels, and whether you are considering facial surgery or non-surgical options Stuart and Lindsey will offer honest advice and suggestions to you depending upon your requirements.

In some circumstances they may suggest that surgery is not indicated but non-surgical treatments may be beneficial. Conversely they may also suggest that non-surgical treatments will be of little benefit and not offer the outcome you are expecting.

Anything which is to be injected into the skin has a risk an adverse reaction and therefore it is imperative that any decisions you make to undergo any treatment should not be taken lightly and should be performed in a suitable clinical environment.

Financially there is always the temptation to seek the cheapest location, but questions should be asked of the environment you are considering, particularly if this is a beauty salon or hairdressers. Many cheaper locations may offer reduce fees because they are using equipment and drugs designed for ‘single patient use’ on more than one individual. Although the practitioner may be a registered nurse, you need to consider what will happen if you suffer an adverse reaction to the treatment and require urgent medical intervention.

In Stuarts practice, Lindsey will administer the treatment, which has been prescribed by Stuart. It will always be performed in a hospital setting which will have been assessed by the care quality commission , and will have 24 hour medical support always available if this is required.

Stuart has changed my life! After my first consultation he was realistic about what I could expect from the operation and did not make any false promises about how I would look afterwards. However the final result was fantastic…

A Satisfied Patient

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