Hand Surgery

Hand Surgery

If you are experiencing a problem with your hand and wish to pay for your treatment or if you are covered by health insurance, Stuart would assess your problem and offer you advice based on the information provided.

Some conditions may not require surgery, but require advice regarding lifestyle issues, splinting or steroid injections.

Other procedures due to technicality of the surgery or the intensive rehabilitation required after the procedure are only amenable to NHS treatment.

Listed are some of the procedures which may be suitable for treatment through Stuarts private practice, although this is not exhaustive. If you are unsure if a referral is appropriate, please contact your GP and ask for advice or contact Lindsey McKirdy.

General hand operations

Dupuytrens contracture release
Base of thumb arthritis (CMCJ arthritis) correction
Corrective surgery for rheumatoid arthritis

Nerve related disorders

Carpal tunnel release
Ulna nerve decompression
Tendon transfers

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Consultation fee may apply - for full details call 01524 793170.

The cost of the procedure will be quoted based on the findings and discussion at the consultation.

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