Liposuction fat removal is done with the use of a metal tube, inserted through a small insertion in the nearby skin.

Liposuction is not intended as a “quick fix” for weight loss. The amount of fat which can be removed is limited by what is safe, and therefore it may not be possible to slim down an area by as much as you would like.

The most common areas for liposuction to be performed are around the hips. Other areas can include neck, arms, tummy, loins, thighs, inner knees and ankles. This is because these areas have the tendency to distribute fat cells unevenly and cause a lumpy, unsightly appearance. Once the fat cells have been removed they are thought not to regenerate. Therefore their removal by liposuction will give a permanent change in contour, and will be completely independent of any change in your body weight.

There are many less invasive methods of removing fat cells on the market, but liposuction is the only method preferred within Stuarts practice and for which has the scientific data to support its use.

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