Surgical Procedures

Requiring an operation to improve your health can be a scary experience, but to consider cosmetic surgery is a massive decision and not without risk.

The majority of procedures will require a general anaesthetic. For some helpful information with regards to general anaesthesia, download your information sheet here.

Stuart will be able to advise you about the most appropriate procedure – if any, during consultation. He will also be able to inform you if your surgery could be performed as an NHS patient.

The surgical procedures described within this website are intended for information only, but do not replace the need for a personal consultation with Stuart prior to any decisions being made.

Stuart is more than happy to advise patients regarding any treatments but also to refer onto colleagues within particular areas of expertise where appropriate.

Non-Surgical Procedures at Purple Medical Clinic

At Purple Medical Clinic (PMC) all non-surgical treatments are performed by medically qualified nurses and Doctors and although the treatments are minimally invasive and there can be some consequences following the treatments you can be assured that you are in the best hands regarding treatment aftercare and support.

Lindsey is a registered nurse, educated to Masters level and is the clinic manager at Purple Medical Clinic. She has been performing non-surgical treatments since 2005 following basic and advanced training in various non-surgical treatments. Her background is in the field of Plastic surgery formally within the NHS and since 2005 in the private sector working alongside Stuart and his surgical practice.

Rachel is a registered nurse with 8 years experience and who is qualified in non-surgical aesthetic treatments. Rachel has a keen interest in skin health and she has become an AlumierMD Skincare professional who has an in-depth knowledge in regards to skin health. With an inside out philosophy to achieving healthy skin, she has completed many courses in Chemical peeling, Advanced Facials, Microneedling, Microdermabrasion, Dermaplaning and is continually upskilling & training within this area.

Purple Medical Clinic offers various treatments some of which are listed but are not exhaustive:

Antiwrinkle line / frown reduction treatment

Dermal Filler to volumise and contour

Dermal filler to help with anti-ageing

Medical Grade skin care using Alumier MD


Aqualyx fat reduction treatment

Chemical peels



Advanced facials