The most important part of your whole cosmetic surgery experience is the initial consultation with Stuart. This involves the first meeting with the surgeon and his team who may ultimately perform your surgery for you. To that end it can be very daunting and unnerving, but Lindsey (or a nurse) will be present at this initial consultation. Lindsey will also be available to you directly, over the telephone or online until you are completely satisfied with the outcome of your treatment or surgery, or until you decide that surgery isn’t right for you.

The consultation is for you and Stuart to get to know each other; for Stuart to find out what you are hoping to gain from any procedure, and for you to find out if that outcome is achievable.

It may be useful to bring somebody with you for this initial meeting as not only will you have lots of questions to ask, you will also be offered lots of information.

Some questions Stuart may ask to get to know you are listed below;

Previous medical history
Previous operation
Any medication prescribed by your doctor
Any medication / drugs not prescribed by your doctor
Any allergies
Smoking and alcohol history

Consultation Rooms

Purple Medical Clinic
Bridge Street

Tel: 01524 793170

CHG The Lancaster Hospital
LA1 3RH 

Tel: 01524 62345

Fulwood Hall Hospital
Midgery Lane

Tel: 01772 704111

Safety Issues

If you chose to access Stuarts private practice you can be assured at every point during your journey, a level of professionalism, discretion and confidentiality expected of a fully trained (FRCS Plast) NHS plastic surgeon practicing at reputable accredited private hospitals across Lancashire.

Purple Medical Clinic, Ramsay Health, and BMI Healthcare are monitored and controlled by the Care Quality Commission ensuring best standards of care for their patients.

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