Post Surgery Breast Care

Post Surgery Breast Care

Whether you have had breast surgery to enlarge your breasts, reduce them or just to lift them into a more youthful position, one of the most important parts of the post surgery care is support of the new breast mound. We have provided you with a surgical garment for immediately after surgery and you can continue to wear this after the dressings are removed if you find it comfortable to do so.

Once you have been advised to buy a bra getting one to fit correctly is essential for comfortable support and a well fitting bra improves your posture and figure in an instant. Around 80% of women wear the incorrect bra size and now that you have undergone your breast surgery it is imperative that you wear a correctly fitting bra.

As Stuart probably suggested to you at your initial consultation, he doesn’t operate in cup sizes, but rather creates a breast that is keeping with your size and frame. Similarly you need to consider that cup size is not important when buying a correctly fitting bra, but rather how the bra fits and feels. A 32D bra in one shop may fit you completely differently to a 32D bra in another shop. It is just as important to try your bra on before purchasing it as you would with a pair of shoes or a pair of jeans

Remember the majority of breast tissue is made up of fat, and the breast is supported by ligaments which can easily become stretched if not supported properly. Whilst clinical evidence suggests ladies should wear breast support 23 hours a day, this is particularly important after breast surgery to maintain the pertness and youthful position of the new breasts.

You can continue to wear your post surgery breast garment for the three month period but if you wish to purchase a bra within this period you need to consider the following advice:

• Avoid under-wired bras for at least 3 months. Scars placed in the breast crease can be irritated by wired bras
• The bra should be a full cup bra which covers and support the whole of the new breast mound.
• The suggested bra is a sports bra designed for at least medium impact sports.

If you choose to buy a bra we would suggest being correctly fitted for your bra by an experienced bra fitter and wherever possible in a specialist lingerie shop.

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